Send Money to India with Dash!

Tired of paying heavy fees to send money to India? Introducing Dash-based remittances. Send money to India instantly for negligible fees.

Sending Remittances to India is Easy

The Definitive Guide to India Remittances

With this guide, learn how to: 

1. Learn about the Blockchain and Crypto Currency

Discover the blockchain and learn how they can help you simply move money around the world. 

2. Send Dash

Send Dash to Your Family Safely and Securely with your Dash Wallet.

3. Convert Dash to Rupees

Convert Dash to Rupees on a Local Exchange like WazirX and BuyUcoin. 

It is surprising how inexpensive and fast it is to send money on the blockchain. I saved nearly Rs. 700/- on remittance fees.

-M.R Venu used Dash to send $450 back home.


Get Started with our Tutorials

Save Time and Money with Dash Remittances

Learn how you can use Dash to save time and money by utilizing Dash for Remittances

Sending Remittances to India

Learn how you can use dash for sending Remittances to India through the example of Raj who works in Dubai. 

Download Dash Wallets

Download a dash wallet to start sending and receiving money for less than a cent!

Download Dash Wallet

Need more information about sending remittances with Dash?

To get you started on your Journey to start using Dash For Remittances, we are there to assist you.

Reach out to us with your details and we will get right back to you.  

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